Blood Astrology

Personality by Blood


 Blood Type O
Personality Traits: Talktive & TolerantStrong Points: They are outgoing, eloquent and brave. They can always keep a sober mind and a calm heart when meeting difficulties. Having a high sense of social responsibility, they are concerned about the events of the world. They are quite confident and persistent. They will fight for what they pursue and never give up easily. They are born with good leadership-qualities, and they are accustomed to playing an important role in a group. With strong will power and determination, they will not change their minds easily.

Weak Points:  people with blood type O are not skilled in handling the relationship with people around, and they like to show their talents. Sometimes, they will offend others out of consciousness. It is a challenge for them to adopt others’ advice, so their risky ideas always meet withfailure. They are less practical when thinking, for they want to find a shortcut to gain what they want. They are talkative, but what they talk about is on politics or news, which makes people feel bored.

Love: They indulge in fantasy when they are in love with someone, and they act in obtrusive and simple ways. At first, people may choose to stay away from them because of their changeable personality, but later-people are inclined to rely on them.  people will be devoted in career while neglecting family trifles, so they have affection for people who are skilled in housework.

Suggestion: They are romantic and passionate in love, but their relationship still needs to be tested by compromise and divergence. They should find a tender and reliable life partner. They should also fight for their career so that they have capability to support theirmarriage.They have no interest in housework, so they need to find one who can manage life in good order. They are also supposed to talk less and do more.

  Blood Type A
Personality Traits: Upright & AmbitiousStrong Points: They have a delicate and sensitive inner side, and they can always recognize others’ worries. They are frank and warm-hearted to friends, which are their powerful backup in the future. They have strict rules to arrange their life. With ambitions, they will try their best to fulfill every goal that they set for themselves. Strong willpower and persistence help them to gain success. Besides, they are innocent and simple-minded in relationship, and that helps them to win true love.

Weak Points: They are quite passive when managing relationships, for they are accustomed to long-time waiting. They are uncomfortable to show their true heart, which makes them lose chances. In work, they are industrious but like complaining, which keeps others to stay away from them.

Love:  people with blood type A have a pure, naive and simple heart.When they meet their soul mate, they dare not to speak out their feelings, for they are afraid that people will be scared away. They take every relationship seriously; even if it ends with heartbroken breakup, they would recall it sometimes. They are born with charm, and there are a lot of pursuers around. However few can touch their heart, for they still linger on the past relationship.

Suggestion: It is right to release bad emotion, but they should not complain a lot. Try other ways to get rid of the stress. Facing relationship problems, be more positive but not let it go in a passive situation. If they have concern about others, they should find a way to express themselves. Only in this way, they can take an upper hand  Blood Type B
Personality Traits: Innocent & Creative

Strong Points: Optimistic and friendly, they always impress people with a dynamic and frankimage. They are full of imagination and talented in creating new things. With strong willpower, they seldom give in when facing difficulties. Born with excellent leadershipskills, they are inspiring and courageous. They are also upright and humorous; people will feel relaxed with them. They are highly esteemed and self-disciplined, so they will dress elegantly, even when they are alone.

Weak Points: Although  people show leadership in work, they look like a tamed cat when facing the people they love. They will be out of control for lack of confidence. They care little about family, leaving all the housework behind. When they are in bad mood, they will bring the negative emotion to people around, even get angry with their family.

Love: They are considerate and simple, and treat people with frankness. Therefore, they can win the other heart. They are a bit shy in love, and ashamed to express themselves in an open way. With enough understanding and tolerance, they will become confident and considerate.
Suggestion: They should confront reality bravely, but not drown themselves in the past or unrealistic dreams. In relationship, they need to be more confident to grasp every possible chance. In marriage life, they need to help more in family burdens, so the relationship will be sweet always.

Blood Type AB
Personality Traits: Generous & Responsible

Strong Points: They have clear judgments on right and wrong, and act according to rules so that they seldom make mistakes. Full of uprightness and justice, they have passion for work, life and love. They are careful and prudent, and they can arrange everything in good order. They are also generous, for they can always reach their hands to people in need. Loyal and faithful in character, they will have a harmonious marriage life.

Weak Points: They stress on principles when they solve problems, but they don’t work out any problems. They can easily get involved in conflicts and because of this,they keep friends at a distance. They will take a long time to entangle with trifles, for they cannot understand other people in a considerate way. In relationships, they are over serious, and they may be out of love for that.

Love: They are longing for pure and noble love, faithful to every relationship. They take love as a serious affair, and will take a long time to arrange dates or proposals. Full of passion, they would not give up responsibility. They get used to thinking in others’ shoes. Women in Dragon sign should find a stable, shrewd and positive partner, while the men are supposed to marry one who is elegant, well-educated, considerate and frank.

Suggestion: They should be more flexible when coping with affairs but not sticking to their principles. It will be helpful for them to think about others’ advice, for stubbornness will make them lose a lot of chances. Be more considerate and tolerant of others ’ flaws but spot the shining points. Hindu mythology, Eclipse is considered inauspicious but considered to be a powerful day for paranormal practices by Tantrics. Astrologically, eclipse is associated with Grahas: Rahu and Ketu.
Hindu Mythological Story on Eclipse: There are nine grahas: Surya, Chandra,Mangal, Budha, Guru, Shukra, Sani, Rahu and Ketu. The last two planets, Rahu and Ketu became enemies of Sun and Moon. The story behind the enmity was a consequence of fight for nectar (Amruth that could give immortality) between the gods and demons. When the nectar that was churned from the ocean was being served to the gods, a demon, disguised as a god, drank the nectar sitting amongst the Gods. The Sun and the Moon who came to know about this disguised demon, told the fact to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu in anger severed the head of the demon. But the demon who had already tasted the nectar, became immortal. The demon was in the form of Snake. The hood part of snake or head of this great demon is known as Rahu and the torso with tail is known as Ketu. Since then Rahu and Ketu vowed that they would revenge the Sun and Moon by swallowing them whenever they came near to them. This swallowing of Sun and Moon is called Grahanam in Sanskrit which is either solar or lunar eclipse.
Beliefs : In Hindu astrology, the eclipses are considered inauspicious. People in Tantric practices consider full moon day, new moon day and solar and lunar eclipse as powerful for paranormal activities. It is believed that the evil forces are appeased on these occasions. On these days, the evil energy creates fear in the minds of pregnant women which affects the foetus. Same is the effect is on people with low energy and who are weak.
It is for this reason that, on eclipse days, astrologers and para-healers advise pregnant women, children, sick and old people to stay indoors and not eat food during the eclipse and after the eclipse people are advised to purify themselves by taking bath and visit temples to guard themselves from mal-effects of eclipse and evil forces. Special pujas to deities in temples are performed after purification.
Astrologically, graha – Chandra is most affected on eclipse days. Chandra is known to affect mind. Therefore, the mind of humans is affected. Therefore, the effects of moon on full moon day and new moon day is experienced by mentally ill patients and their illness gets aggravated. The tidal effects in oceans or seas are caused by waning moon. Sun and Moon, astrologically are affected by eclipse.

People born in Rahu dasa experience the effects of paranormal force at point in time in their life. Such people also have disturbing dreams. The paranormal energy can be either good or bad. It is the destiny of people born in Rahu dasa or presently in Rahu dasa to experience or face either good or bad energy according to their Karma.
Scientifically, the eclipse deprives the falling of sunlight on earth or moon during solar and lunar eclipse which is caused during revolution of earth around the sun and moon around the earth. The phases of moon on full moon day and new moon day causes minimal disturbance on gravitational effect on earth. This effect is felt by human body as it comprises of liquid, that is, blood in the form of blood pressure. The mentally ill patients are highly affected on these days.
Things to be done during eclipse: Stay indoors; do not have food; read holy books or pray or chant.
Things not to be done: Don’t think or do deeds that are forbidden.
Things to be done after eclipse: Purify taking bath, Visit temple, Give charity to poor, Take care of elders at home and Elders bless their children.